Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby: Keys to a Successful Postpartum Care Delivery Reform Project

Childbirth is the number one reason for hospital admissions in the United States. Postpartum care offers a window of opportunity to impact the current and future health of underserved women. There are significant disparities in the receipt of postpartum care: approximately 60 percent of Medicaid insured women attend their postpartum visit whereas approximately 80 percent of commercially insured women go to their visit.

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The NQF Roadmap for Promoting Health Equity and Eliminating Disparities: Diverse Voices Produced Strong Recommendations

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Going to Where the Kids Are: a Dental Payment and Delivery Reform Collaboration That’s Working for Providers and the Underserved

Dentistry, a cottage industry long after changes in medical care delivery systems, is in the throes of consolidation. In the midst of this change is Oregon’s largest provider of Medicaid dental services by clients enrolled. Advantage Dental Services cares for 325,000 Oregon citizens—primarily children and adults in the rural Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid). In business since 1995, Advantage employs 300 general practitioners and specialists in more than 250 individual practices and 41 Advantage-owned clinics across 34 counties.

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