Make the Case for Equity

Making the Case for Equity

Equity is a fundamental component of quality and every patient must receive the right care, at the right time, in the right way and according to their unique needs to ensure the best health care and health outcomes for all. There are real and tangible benefits to health care institutions that invest in incorporating equity goals and objectives to identify and eliminate disparities. This strategy overview provides a high-level overview of these benefits and how they can help motivate individuals and organizations to make equity a priority.


Improving Care & Outcomes of Uninsured Persons with Chronic Diseaseā€¦.NOW

Expanding access to insurance is necessary but expanded access alone will not eliminate health disparities.  It must be coupled with quality improvement efforts targeting the root causes the lead to suboptimal care for vulnerable populations. This brief editorial outlines what every practice, hospital, and health plan can do now to improve outcomes for vulnerable patients with chronic disease and identify opportunities for policy reforms.

Physicians Face Multiple Challenges in Combating Cancer Disparities

This editorial explores the importance of why doctors need to be aware of racial and ethnic disparities when treating cancer patients. 

End Health-care Disparities 

Four tips on what health care organizations do to better end health case disparities. 

The Business Case for Equity in the Age of MACRA

Five key ways payers can help